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Passing your driving test isn’t easy. But we aim to give you all the driving test tips and resources you need to help you to have a great chance of passing.

Many people at this time are finding it hard to find a driving instructor. Most instructors have fairly long waiting lists. as a result many people are resorting to learning with family members. The problem with this is that they may teach you the wrong thing, may leave you under prepared for the test and under prepared to be a safe and skilful driver. There is no substitute to learning with a fully qualified driving instructor.

Driving Test Help

To supplement your learning we have prepared these resources to help you on your way to being a safe and skilful driver. We will not just tell you what to do but often what is important is that you understand why you are doing it.

There are also many aspects of driving that have changed over the years and what may have been appropriate when your family member learned to drive may not still be relevant for driving today. We have a list of driving test myths that you should read about learning with a family member or read our learn to drive with a family member guide.

If you are looking for a driving instructor to help you to check if you are ready for your driving test check out Driving Schools 4 U.

Driving Test Tips

Our free videos will give you lots of tips and advice to help you to pass your driving test. Whilst there is no substitute for good quality driving instruction from a fully qualified driving instructor there is a lot you can do for yourself to help you to make quicker progress towards passing your driving test. The answer as to how many lessons it takes to pass the test is not just about the learner’s ability but also their attitude. Someone who watches online videos and tutorials and who is proactive in their learning  and who thinks about what they do and why they do it will make quicker progress than someone who just focusses on trying to do the right thing when they are driving.